Natural Stones



Alaskan Diamond

Amarello Boreal

African River

Antique Vicenza

Antico Coffee

Black Cobalt

Brazilian Diamond

Blue Pearl Royale

Blue Galaxy

Black Uba Tuba

Brazilian Ebony

Brazilian Gold

Brazilian Leather

Butterfly Green

Brazilian Minx

Brazil White Hurricane

California Golden

Caravela Select


Carioca Gold

Chrysra Bronze

Colonial Dream

Colonial Dream

Costa Rica

Costa Smeralda

Delicatus Gold

Delicatus Splendor


English Teak

Emperador Dark

English Lapidus

Exotic Tobacco

Forest Web Brown

Forest Web Green

Four Seasons

Fossil Brown

Giallo Tropical

Giallo Burgundy

Giallo Ornamental

Golden Brazil

Golden Bordeaux

Golden Canyon

Golden Eye Select

Golden Musk

Golden Paradise

Golden Persa

Golden Royale

Golden Sun

Golden Thunder

Gold Uba Tuba


Green Marinace

Honed Tropic Brown

Inca Rosalare

Juparana Burgundy

Juparana Natalia

Juparana Oro

Juparana Nova

Juparana Rose

Juparana teak



Kashmir Gold Select


Magma Gold


Magnifico Gold

Matrix Nevada

Midnight Galaxy

Midnight Matrix

Midnight Sun

Minsk Brown

Mocha Bordeaux

Mystique Marble

Nero Brazil

Night Cloud

Ocean Pearl

Opal Delicatus

Opal Valley

Peacock Green

Ouro Romano

Persa Bronze

Persa Cavavelas

Petra Imperial

Petra Imperial Select


Prada Gold

Red Flame Leather

Rolling Hills

Ruby Bordeaux

Sand Dollar Green

Santa Cecilia

Sapphire Blue

Sienna Bordeaux

Silver Galaxy

Sodalite Blue





Tawny Caramel


Thunder Gold

Tropical Blue

Tropic Brown

Typhoon Burgundy

Ventura Gold

Typhoon Green

Verde Bamboo

Verde Jade

Verde Shadow

Vyara Bronze

Waterfall Green

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Architectural Justice is one of the the largest stocking fabricators of exotic granite in Northeast Ohio offering slabs that are quarried from all over the world.

With over 100,000 sq. ft of granite displayed onsite, we can guarantee you will find a stone that will fit your style. Our granite selection is always in rotation, so please understand that the selection in the gallery above often only reflects a small sample of what our Complete Design Center has in stock.

Be sure to visit our showroom to see the vast variety of nature’s workmanship in each slab of granite.

(Please note: Due to the large number of images on display, please give each image a few seconds to load fully before moving onto the next image. This will guarantee you can see each sample to its full effect)





Verde Levanto

Carrara Marble

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Marble, a metamorphic stone known for being softer than granite, is composed of calcite, aragonite and dolomite crystals and is found in many countries such as Belgium, France, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, India, and Spain.

The various types of stone are softened over time, under conditions of intense heat and pressure, and are then recrystallized as marble. The gallery above features just a small sample of the types of marble we offer, as well as some of our finalized marble work.

Our showroom also offers an excellent display of some of the amazing things our designers and fabricators can accomplish with this amazing medium.


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Onyx, a form of quartz, is a sedimentary rock formed inside caves as stalactites and stalagmites, and is one of nature’s most dazzling stones. Its color bands range in almost every color imaginable, except for shades of purple or blue, and the most common varieties of onyx contain bands of white, tan and brown.

It is perhaps the translucent property of onyx that makes its decorative appeal unsurpassed by any other material.

Add the WOW factor to your project by “lighting it up” with an onyx counter top, floor or vessel bowl, from our team here at Architectural Justice.