Natural Stone


With over 100,000 sq. ft of granite displayed onsite, we can guarantee you will find a stone that will fit your style. Visit our Complete Design Center to see the vast variety of nature’s workmanship in each slab of granite. Architectural Justice is one of the the largest stocking fabricators of exotic granite in Northeast Ohio offering slabs that are quarried from all over the world.



Marble is a metamorphic stone, which means that it is a rock that changes composition over time from one rock to another.  Limestone or dolomite are softened over time under conditions of intense heat and pressure and then are recrystallized as marble.

Marble is composed of calcite, aragonite and dolomite crystals and is found in many countries such as Belguim, France, Great Britian, Greece, Italy, India and Spain.

Marble is known to be softer than granite.



Onyx is perhaps one of nature’s most dazzling stones.  It is a sedimentary rock that is formed inside caves as stalactites and stalagmites. Color of its bands range from white to almost every color except for shades of purple or blue.  The most common varieties of onyx contain bands of white, tan and brown.  Onyx is a  cryptocrystalline form of quartz.  It is this formation process together with the size and uniformity of these crystals that contribute to the translucent property of most varieties of onyx.  It is perhaps this transluscent property that makes the decorative appeal of onyx unsurpassed by any other material.   Add the WOW factor to your project by “lighting it up” with an onyx counter top, floor or vessel bowl.